Keynote Speakers

Albina Khasanzyanova & Yann Duceux, France - "Students' academic experience and conditions for transferring the skills developed"

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In a context of strong professional uncertainty, social and economic changes characterized by restructuring in the production sector (frequent renewal of professions, changes in the forms and organization of work), the individual is expected to take initiatives, adapt and be autonomous in the performance of tasks while possibly changing professions several times during his or her career. It is no longer a question of producing reproducible behaviors, but of developing dispositions to generate behaviors adapted to diverse and changing situations (Chauvigné and Coulet, 2010). These new societal demands call into question the modalities and place of professionalization in higher education. Thus, the development of university professional training is reaffirmed as a priority by the member states of the European Union. The university has a role to play in linking the training offer with the needs of the economic world. In this context, how to accompany students in the construction of their professional project and in a reflection on their experiences in training, in internships or in other life contexts (Khasanzyanova and Duceux, 2016)? How can we promote the transfer of students' skills and knowledge for professional integration? Through “focus groups”, interviews with students and their internship document folder, the aim is to understand the students' academic experience and to study the conditions for transferring the skills developed. The notions of experience, informal learning, autonomy and transfer will be examined. Finally, directions for the academic training of undergraduate students to foster links between practice and theory will also be considered.


  • Albina Khasanzyanova, Catholic University of the West, France
  • Yann Duceux, University of Reims Champagne Ardenne, France